League Of Legends Drop Hack v3.0 Download 2014

As you all know , LoL is one of the best and most popular MMO strategy games at the moment and close to being as popular as DotA 2. Riot games is working hard to bring us new content and keep the game fresh and interesting for players. With every patch , League of legends hack needs to be updated and we are now proud to present to you the latest version of the tool. There are many new features in 3.7 version and above and we will try to explain to you how each module of LoL hack works and a detailed instructions for new users.

We introduce to you personally the League Of Legends Hack Device which include limitless riot points and sway points for your facebook program in only one second now. All you got to do is simply to log in and press activate hack. We ensure you that you’ll be the League Of Legends participant after make use of this incredible tool. The League Of Legends Hack UserInterface is created with an expert designer and it’s truly simple to make use of it.

Previously, many lol hacks were just used to inject and change the values of these points. Now you can actually use the generator to get free RP codes instead of changing the values. This update also provided a huge security boost , making all accounts perfectly safe. It also makes it great for anyone who wants to use these codes later or send it to someone as a gift. More about how it works below, but for now here is how it looks and where to download.

As the name implies, this program is basically a generator with single purpose only, generating free RP codes that can be redeemed on your LoL account so you can buy those game packs without spending a dime. This application works by exploiting secret security bugs found on LoL data server which allow our team to put specific scripts we can use as a gateway to access their admin account.

By having an admin access we can imitate their codes generating algorithm and use it to develop this Riot Points Generator program. This application uses similar generating algorithm so the codes are identical hence they will be valid when redeemed on your League of Legends account.

Drop your enemies down in a middle of a game.

This cheat will not work on champion select, you just will be able to drop down opponents ingame.
Read how to use below, its very simple and user friendly.

League of Legends Disconnect cheat features:

100% Undetected and updated daily, read more below.
Disconnect all enemy team
100% Undetected and updated daily, read more below.


-Download and execute the program
-Ingame choose the enemy or enemies you want to disconnect, write their summoners names in the program and simply click on the drop connection button, they should go offline in less than 20 seconds.
-You can drop all enemy team offline with no work of writing usernames by checking that option on the program. Have fun!

Download League of Legends hack tool 2014

Ou Miroir

It is not recommended to disconnect an entire enemy team MULTIPLE times, as you may be reported for cheating or hacking. Just play normally, and drop a player (their best player) before a clash is going to happen, or when they are team pushing. If all fails and you are still losing, drop the entire team when you and your team are pushing as this will guarantee an easy victory.
Read: This hack is hosted on a cloud loader so any updates will be automatically downloaded upon injection. The download contains the Loader/Injector which downloads and injects the hack into the game and also comes with a READ ME file with information on how to acess the hack.